Learn from industry leaders and professionals and create positive impact on your organisational performance with Steward Leadership.

Stewardship Asia Centre partners with global educational institutions and specialists to develop interactive and practical curricula that cover the tools and knowledge to enable organisational transformations needed to thrive amid existential challenges like climate change and income inequality. 


An interactive developmental experience for business leaders and individuals who want to integrate stewardship practices into their organisational strategies.



The Steward Leadership Advantage — An Executive Education Programme based on the Steward Leadership Compass©.

Although technological advancements have led to life-changing innovation in recent years, the first two decades of the 21st century have already witnessed two global recessions, two wars, recurring socio-political strife, severe resource/income inequality, and massive environmental degradation. We live in times where exciting growth opportunities coexist with existential threats to current and future generations.

Can businesses fully exploit the growth opportunities and sustain success without addressing planet Earth’s existential crisis? As some organisations have learned the hard way recently, the answer is a big NO.

Is it possible to drive superior shareholder returns by addressing the very challenges that are threatening us? YES. True champions of sustainability have already proven that it is indeed.

But will traditional models of leadership, management and corporate governance be adequate? And will the current focus on ESG ensure business growth and save our planet and humanity at the same time? Our research reveals that current models are hopelessly outdated. To address today’s challenges and achieve profitable growth by doing so, we need a values-driven revolution. We need steward leadership—the ability to create a win-win-win future for stakeholders, society, and the environment.

As a forward-looking organisation that strives hard to marry purpose with profit, the 21st-century business leadership and governance challenge is to empower your leaders to capitalise on current environmental and social trends and drive the ‘doing well by doing good’ agenda. To enable this, business bosses must mature into Steward Leaders.

Join us at The Steward Leadership Advantage Programme to learn how Steward Leaders can future-proof organisations by activating the Steward Leadership Compass©. Hear from business leaders who have pioneered innovative approaches to create profitable solutions to today’s challenges as they share their transformational stories of transitioning into Steward Leaders.


Date2 – 5 September 2024 (Monday – Thursday)
Durations4 days
VenueSingapore Management University

Learning Outcomes

A highly interactive developmental experience for business leaders who want to create a better world and thrive personally at the same time as steward leaders.

As a result of attending this programme, participants will be better able to:

  • Understand how the world has changed in recent years because of massive shifts in both technological and societal norms
  • Redefine leadership and uncover the leadership energy to catalyse change and advance the ‘doing well by doing good’ agenda
  • Operationalise the Steward Leadership Compass© to drive inclusive WIN-WIN-WIN prosperity
  • Apply a stewardship-based governance model to promote innovation and accelerate sustainable growth
  • Explore the challenges and opportunities of responsible use of data in an AI-driven ecosystem
  • Recognise the current direction and future capital flow trends in sustainable finance
  • Learn best practices from the best of the best steward leaders in action

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Who Should Attend?

This programme is suitable for board directors, C-Suite leaders and senior business leaders who wish to challenge their own thinking and create more sustainable growth for their organisations.

Registration for The Stewardship Advantage Programme is now open, please email [email protected] for more details.