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Stewardship: The Core Compass Of Real Leaders
Stewardship: The Core Compass Of Real Leaders

Why do some leaders fail epically while others succeed spectacularly? SAC CEO Rajeev Peshawaria explains how steward leadership mindset is the needed core compass for leaders to succeed and be a force of good behind their organisations.

Stewardship: An Inevitable Duty For Boards
Stewardship: An Inevitable Duty For Boards

In any organisation, board members play an important duty in exercising responsible leadership and steering the organisation in the correct direction. More so during times of crisis. The final part of SAC's Forbes Asia BrandVoice series elaborates on the role of the board in being good stewards and advancing the stewardship perspective.


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December 19, 2019

Dec 2019: Inspiring Stewardship

Welcome to the inaugural issue of “Inspiring Stewardship” – our aspiration to share knowledge and engender conversation on stewardship. We welcome ideas and contributions to make this a collaborative platform, catalysing organisational and attitudinal transformation towards a system of responsible wealth creation – get in touch!
July 24, 2019

Jul 2019: Roundtable 2019

This year’s Roundtable brought together some 200 top business thinkers and leaders from 20 countries and 135 organisations across Asia and beyond, to discuss the challenges and opportunities for businesses to take the lead in responsible wealth creation.