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The Stewardship Asia Roundtable brings together the region's influential thinkers and leaders for a dynamic exchange of ideas on advocating sound stewardship and governance in their organisations and businesses. By invitation only, this exclusive platform will allow invited steward-leaders to mutually share best-in-class practices and experience in promoting stewardship and governance applications which will create wealth for stakeholders and benefit the larger community over the long term.

Upcoming Roundtable

The global business landscape has fundamentally changed. There is a growing momentum of business leaders and organisations embracing stewardship and sustainability. Investors and companies alike are emphasising on purpose beyond profit, and ESG is being integrated into business thinking and strategy. Businesses should desire to do the right thing, and truly strive to do things right. The stewardship challenge today is shifting from understanding why stewardship matters, to how organisations can drive transformation and build capacity for responsible and sustainable growth. 

Past Roundtables