Stewardship Asia Knowledge Centre provides explanations of core stewardship tenets and explore stewardship practices through research, through collaboration with leading thinkers across Asia. SAC also releases articles in partnership with the press and special briefs on ongoing projects.

ENTRUSTED: Stewardship for Responsible Wealth Creation

ENTRUSTED, the second book from Stewardship Asia Centre, will help business leaders understand the key stewardship concepts and elements, redefine what business success should look like, and gear up for the transformational shift required to build organisations that focus on long-term success of the company as well as future value creation for society and future generations.

Inspiring Stewardship 

Inspiring Stewardship, co-authored by Ong Boon Hwee, CEO of Stewardship Asia Centre, and Didier Cossin, Professor and Director of IMD Global Board Center, examines a range of exceptional individual and organisational examples of stewardship, as well as insights gleaned from two innovative quantitative studies. This book will help to unlock the contribution business leaders can make today to enhance their influence and to secure their legacy over time.