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June 2018

Stewardship Asia Roundtable 2018 Insights

On 4 June 2018, the Stewardship Asia Roundtable 2018 brought together some 200 influential thinkers and leaders from 20 countries to discuss on the topic of "Stewardship in a Disruptive World". Here are the insights which is an executive summary of the event.

June 2018

Highlights of Stewardship Asia Roundtable 2018

Event Video Highlights

Stewardship in a Disruptive World, Stewardship Asia Roundtable 2018 Event Highlights

Oct 2018

The Stewardship Mindset - Insights from a 1300 year old family business

Interview with Zengoro Hoshi, 46th generation ownder of Hoshi Ryokan 

As part of the Stewardship Principles for Family Businesses campaign, Stewardship Asia interviewed Mr Zengoro Hoshi, the 46th generation owner of Hoshi Ryokan to uncover the insights, values and stories behind this 1300 year old family-owned inn. 

September 2018

Stewardship Principles for Family Businesses

Fostering Success, Significance and Sustainability

The ‘Stewardship Principles for Family Businesses’ is a guide intended to help family businesses across (and beyond) Asia, to focus on stewardship.  These broad principles aim to articulate the mindset and attitudes, as well as the behaviours and practices that would foster the success, significance and sustainability for family businesses (FBs).

January 2018

Temasek Trust Conversation on Corporate Giving Insights 2017

Take a look at the insights curated from the keynote address by Mr Ng Kee Choe, Member of Temasek Trust Board of Trustees, a lively panel discussion involving panellists from the corporate and non-profit sectors, as well as a rich dialogue with Mr Tan Chuan-Jin, Speaker of Parliament and Advisor to National Council of Social Service.

January 2018

Keynote Address - Temasek Trust Conversation on Corporate Giving 2017

By Mr Ng Kee Choe, Member of Temasek Trust Board of Trustees

November 2017

Stewardship: A Matter Of Survival

Interview with Ruth Yeoh

Ruth Yeoh, Executive Director of YTL Singapore Pte Ltd

November 2017

Stewardship: More Than Just A Code

Interview with Mark Goyder

Mark Goyder, Founder of Tomorrow's Company

November 2017

Helping Stewardship Take Hold

Interview with Kerrie Waring

Kerrie Waring, Executive Director of International Corporate Governance Network (ICGN)

November 2017

Stewarding Long-Term Success

Interview with Jesher Loi

Jesher Loi, Director, Branding & Market Development of Ya Kun International Pte Ltd

November 2017

Businesses Taking a Lead to Make the World Better

Published in Entrepreneurs' Digest, Issue 76 November/December 2017, Page 32

This report summarises the highlights of the conversation and the insights that were surfaced during the third Stewardship Asia Rountable that was held on 6 June in Singapore.

October 2017

Stewardship Asia Roundtable 2017 Insights

The Stewardship Asia Roundtable 2017 Insights is an executive summary of the event held on 6 June in Singapore.

September 2017

September 2017

About the Stewardship Asia Roundtable

CEO Ong Boon Hwee tells us all about the Stewardship Asia Roundtable.

May 2017

Bridging Generations

Published in Entrepreneurs' Digest, Issue 73 May/June 2017, Page 46 - 47

Insights into family business succession.

March 2017

The Leadership Call

Interview with Claire Chiang

"The Leadership Call: Setting the Standards of Stewardship in Companies" with Claire Chiang, Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts

March 2017

Business for Happiness

Interview with Rich Karlgaard

"Business for Happiness: The Purpose of Business - It's Not Just about Money" with Rich Karlgaard, Publisher, Forbes Magazine

March 2017

Stewardship and the Accounting Profession

Published in ISCA Journal, March 2017 Issue

As Singapore’s national accountancy body, it is natural and important for ISCA to play a role in the SSP Steering Committee. Accounting is, after all, the lingua franca of business and accountants and auditors are charged with the responsibility of providing the trustworthy financial information that is used to make critical resource-allocation decisions.