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The notion of stewardship has never been more relevant to business than it is today. In a world where the ownership of firms is increasingly fragmented, and investment structures are more and more complex, the time horizons of investors, executives and owners do not always coincide. Managing competing interests to find the right balance between short-term and long-term considerations is perplexing for many leaders. Stewardship is an inspiring way to revitalise this discussion. It encourages business leaders to shift mind-sets, to creatively engage their organisations and other societal actors, and to enhance wealth creation for all. Stewardship requires the ability to focus on the core, to consider the extent and dimension to which business impacts depend on the relationship among different groups of people, and the context and time horizon in which the business operates. We define such organisational stewardship as the act of safeguarding and enhancing the capability of the organisation to create economic and societal value over time.


Inspiring Stewardship, co-authored by Ong Boon Hwee, CEO of Stewardship Asia Centre, and Didier Cossin, Professor and Director of IMD Global Board Center examines a range of exceptional individual and organisational examples of stewardship, as well as insights gleaned from two innovative quantitative studies. This book will help to unlock the contribution business leaders can make today to enhance their influence and to secure their legacy over time.