ENTRUSTED: Stewardship for Responsible Wealth Creation

Stewardship Asia Centre launched its new book ENTRUSTED: Stewardship for Responsible Wealth Creation on 7 October 2019. Co-written by Ong Boon Hwee, CEO of Stewardship Asia Centre, and Mark Goyder, Founder and Trustee of Tomorrow’s Company, the book aims to help business leaders understand and embrace the urgent transformational shift required to build organisations that focus on the long-term health of the company, and future value creation to benefit society and future generations.

The two authors combine perspectives from the East and West on what business future holds, and discuss how stewardship – which means the way we manage, nurture and grow what has been entrusted to us so that we hand it over in a better condition to the next generation – offers a more responsible and more sustainable form of capitalism if it is adopted by business leaders, investors, policy-makers, regulators, boards, and citizens alike. As testament to its important contribution at a time where business purpose is being redefined, ENTRUSTED has been named as one of Financial Times’ business books of the month in October.  

The launch event at the Temasek Shophouse on 10 October 2019 brought together over 60 business leaders, investors, and subject matter experts, including Richard Eu, Chairman of Eu Yan Sang International; David Smith, Head of Corporate Governance at Aberdeen Standard Investments; Bernard Tan, Singapore Country President at Sinar Mas; Jesher Loi, Director of Branding and Market Development at Ya Kun International; and our Chairman, Professor Arnoud De Meyer, who shared heartfelt perspectives and insights on how stewardship can contribute to a more responsible business ecosystem that benefits people and society over the long term.

“There is a growing urgency for leaders of today and tomorrow to make stewardship the driving force behind their business decisions,” emphasised Ong Boon Hwee, CEO of Stewardship Asia Centre. “Stewardship provides the positive solutions and defines the contribution we all want business and investment to make. By placing human purpose at the centre of business activity and acknowledging the interdependence of our economic, social and environmental needs, we will be taking a significant step together towards forging a future that is more inclusive, more equitable, and more respectful of our society, and safeguards the needs of future generations.”

The launch of ENTRUSTED in London on 22 October was marked by an event hosted by Aviva Investors, and attended by a diverse audience of nearly 100 business leaders and key subject matter experts. A panel discussion featuring the two authors; Fraser Nelson, Editor of The Spectator; and Jan Gooding, Partner at Jericho Chambers, further discussed the stewardship agenda in the book and offered views on how it can build a better form of capitalism for all.