Stewardship Commons 2019

The life on Earth that we desire for today and tomorrow fundamentally depends on clean air and water, biodiversity, healthy land and oceans, and a stable climate. These are the global commons: the shared resources that ensure a planet where we can all thrive.

Held in partnership with the Global Commons Alliance this year as part of Ecosperity Week 2019, the inaugural Stewardship Commons convenes a business community session to encourage the positive transformation of global economic systems needed to safeguard our global commons, through the introduction of science-based targets for companies and cities. The session will host distinguished global thought leaders and key practitioners who will together define what it means to do enough to ensure our planet remains habitable for future generations.

Event Highlights

Stewardship Commons 2019 Highlights

The growth of our global economy has pushed our planetary boundaries to the tipping point. How can Asia as a region, find a balance between creating wealth and safeguarding our global commons?