The 7 Traits of Enduring Family Businesses

A survey of 200 successful and enduring family businesses reveals the seven leadership and organisational traits that could serve as a model for stewardship.

Highlights of the
Stewardship Asia Roundtable 2017

202 participants. 154 organisations. 22 countries.

Catch the highlights of the recent Stewardship Asia Roundtable held on 6 June, where leaders discussed enduring principles in changing times.

Our mission is to promote stewardship and governance, with like-minded partners; in Singapore and across Asia.

Bridging Generations

Insights into family business succession.

Published on Issue 73 of the Entrepreneurs' Digest.

Singapore Stewardship Principles (SSP)

The SSP are intended to help shape positive corporate behaviour and to benefit all stakeholders in the long term. Investors are encouraged to be responsible and active stewards who contribute positively to the welfare of the economy, community and society at large.

Inspiring Stewardship

This book, authored by Ong Boon Hwee and Didier Cossin, will help to unlock the contribution business leaders can make today to enhance their influence and to secure their legacy over time.  


"Stewardship reduced to its crux, is about engaged, responsible and meaningful value creation over the long term; and how successful and sustained organisations could benefit not only its stakeholders in an inclusive way, but also the larger community that they are part of."


Hsieh Fu Hua

Chairman, Stewardship Asia Centre

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4 June, 2018


Stewardship Asia Roundtable


The event brings together the region's influential thinkers and leaders for a dynamic exchange of ideas on advocating sound stewardship and governance in their organisations and businesses.

By invitation only, this exclusive platform will allow invited steward-leaders to mutually share best-in-class practices and experience in promoting stewardship and governance applications which will create wealth for stakeholders and benefit the larger community over the long term.

Begin your stewardship journey with us.

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